Hands as seen by Sam and Sheila – Throughout Our Years

by Sheila Finkelstein on July 22, 2010

I’ve just completed reading my friend Renee Barnow’s Blog post – “What Do Your Hands Say? What Does Your Voice Hold?” [Unfortunately Renee’s post is no longer available – 5-6-18.]

Immediately, I imaged the photograph Sam took years ago of my hand lighting Hanukah Candles on the Menorah.  I then I started recalling so many others of his wonderful black and white photos; so instead of a single comment on Renee’s post, I decided to create my own post in response.

Hand honors Ritual and Celebration of Light

Hands display art (here – sterling silver and ceramic rings made by me) while caressing Nature’s textures

In wonder and awe – hands caress pregnant belly and yet-to-be-born child

Future brother’s hand lifts maternity blouse, querying the future –
(To see more photos of young boys’ hands expressing love and togetherness, Sam’s Photos, click on a thumbnail and cycle through the enlargements)

Hand in Hand – Child and Man – Symbolizes Trust (Young boy’s hand in Sam’s – photo ©Sheila Finkelstein)

and, I was reminded of how often I use “hand” in language… “on the other hand”, “in my hands”, “hand-drawing” (in describing my photo/drawings)

Sporadically, I’ve been posting on this blog sharing some of my writing as examples of a pathway to healing.  Today, I’m reminded though the words came, I am blessed to have the photos and the technical ability to share them with you also – photography and cycling through memories as another access to healing.

Note – As I scrolled down this published page, I noted other photos – Hands for blowing kisses and Hands for writing.

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Renee July 22, 2010 at 12:06 pm

A gorgeous tribute. Thanks for honoring my post hands and voice.


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