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“As an artist, writer, photographer and coach, my greatest strength is my unique vision and way of seeing the world. My mission in life is opening up people, including myself, to ongoingly seeing things in new and different ways and, ultimately, empowering us in further enriching our lives.

Over the years I’ve found my best access to “feeling better”, particularly during very stressful times, was writing.  When my mother died, I wrote on the airplane, going back to Florida; the death of my best friend’s husband produced very powerful writing many years ago; and my own husband’s death resulted in my writing his eulogy – see Remembering Sam – and a lot of writing during the years when I was struggling with my emotions as we both were coping with the debilitating effects that Parkinson’s Disease had on him.

I also found writing was my access to transformation – mood shifts – during periods of anger – SeeOde to a Piece of Cardboard, written at every red light on my way to graduate school after my school principal, where I taught art, told me a bomb could go off in the closet where my supplies were (I taught off a cart) and no one would be any the worse for it.  The Haiku for Healing page here has examples of  Haiku and how I used that to control anger. And then there were my Letter-Writing-to-the-Editor Days.

Currently Writing and Photography are my main tools of access.
Picture to Ponder, my free ezine, is one of the avenues people have for experiencing these shifts for themselves.

It is my intent here on Writing for Healing that visitors will be moved to use writing for themselves also as a way of accessing and releasing their emotions.”

Sheila Finkelstein


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