Bread Soaking Up and Giving Life

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 26, 2010

Today WRITING CAMP, my friend Morgine Jurdan wrote and read about a delectable meal she recently had. Beautifully described, missing, for me, was the bread soaking up sauce part she had told me about in an earlier phone conversation. After the call, I wrote:

Morgine’s bread soaking up the cream mustard sauce – doesn’t matter what the sauce – I see it, feel it, that piece of bread swelling with the fullness of the tasty moisture it is absorbing – all the cells getting full as its body is pushed around the plate to gather up all that is available in the plate of life to put into my gut.

“My gut” – Interesting I’m so harsh about it – “gut” sounds so heavy, almost ugly. What if it were into my “being” – gently, slowly, if I temper myself to taste morsel by morsel and allow myself to digest the treasures of the plate – slowly working their way through my boding, sensing the spaces they need to fill? It’s all liquid, absorbed and softened by the carrier, a healthy piece of bread, bringing out peace of mind, peace of body.

PS – Originally wrote “mustard sauce” and in editing added the “cream” (which had in reality been there). I was tempted to remove the “mustard” part. “Too tangy”, thought I. Then, “Silly, or not, maybe that’s what’s missing for you – the tanginess of life!”

If you missed the link to Morgine’s writing, see I Remember…, halfway down the post, for the meal writing to which I responded.

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Morgine September 26, 2010 at 7:40 pm


I LOVE your metaphors and it was QUITE the day for me, catching up on things which I put off due to being on crutches for so long. I do not dine out often so it is a real treat and this was an amazing day. I was VERY aware of almost every single bite of food. I took my time and savored the flavors and textures. I smelled the aromas and took time to chew. I actually gave Jerry the last of my breakfast as I was full. I took time to enjoy and savor the little Chinese dumplings topped with bright red goji berries, black sea weed, green onion and sesame seeds. Beautiful to behold as well. Dinner was eaten slowly too, savoring each bite of that incredible meal! I might have to just try their pizza, which cost less and yet looked delicious as well!! And as an added PS my little dog was with me all day and I asked the man for a tiny piece of crust (they had removed the bread) to take out to her and he gave me piece of garlic toast! Even my dog SAVORED the moment as well!! I had brought her a tiny piece of dumpling skin, yet here she had the entire piece of bread which I fed her in little bites during our ride home!! Bona appetit!


Sheila Finkelstein September 26, 2010 at 8:02 pm

I love the further description, Morgine, and laughed at the garlic toast for the dog. Yummy… the garlic, not the dog.


Julie Jordan Scott September 27, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Just reading this makes me happy. THANK you both for giving me the gift of re-experiencing this…


Sheila Finkelstein September 29, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Thanks, Julie. I appreciate your letting me know it made a difference.


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