In AWE – Being Present to the Wonder in Our Life

by Sheila Finkelstein on June 25, 2013

Rocks Balanced by TruskusI am in a weekly writing group where the members and I do 4-minute, free-flow writing to quotes that participants bring. After I read my writing to the quote below, my friends became quite adamant in encouraging me to post it.

Though it wasn’t exactly “writing for healing”, I find all my free-flow writing is healing, in some way, as my subconscious speaks to me. I thank my friends Morgine Jurdan, Marifran Korb and Linda Butler today for their listening and giving me the space to be me.

The specific quote:

If you are not living in AWE you are not paying attention,” Albert Einstein

to which I wrote:

“Right now I don’t feel like I’ve been living in awe at all.  So I guess I’m not paying attention. Actually what is most likely happening is that I’m paying more attention to my limiting thoughts/beliefs than to anything else. I don’t have time to be in AWE – to look outside myself.

And that’s not quite, or always, so. I’m thinking as I write, AWE is more a state of mind, a blank one, so that in everything we see, we can experience awe.

Well what is AWE ? Awakening to the Wonder of our Existence.

Existence – which encompasses everything.

To simply say “exist” seems very passive.  Existence is all embracing. To have it be one of awe is being present to the wonder around us, and within us, in each and every moment. Wow.

Sounds like a lot of hard work.  And I suppose it’s simply, or not so simply, training… initially, an exercise for being still and open.”

Thanks to Travis Ruskus, artist, photographer, rock balancer for his permission to use his photo.  The balancing of the rocks in the perfect, peaceful water scene seemed to be the “perfect” expression of balance, so necessary when we simply and totally “be present” to what’s in front of us.  I invite you to take a moment or two, BEING with, and in, AWE of the Wonder of Travis’ image.

Photo ©2013 Travis Ruskus – •  Writing ©2013 Sheila Finkelstein –

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